The website

“DATABARN.NET” pointed you to a boring, blank website for quite some time. This is better.


Data Barn fills a niche. Market penetration, advertising, and SEO are foreign terms - they’ll stay that way. Our clients have all ended up in the Barn via word of mouth - that’ll stay, too. We exist for companies and users who are perfect fits. If you want to move your data, applications, and productivity away from that server on the floor of the sales guy’s office, we can help.


We’ve helped research other providers - we have recommended other providers. If a customer wants out, we will gladly copy your entire private workload to the nearest USB drive, completely intact and ready to start up on any other virtualized environment. If you are an MSP wondering if we are competition - the answer is usually “no”.


Your resources will sit inside a veritable bunker of telecommunications, with tried and true methods to maximize uptime, recoverability, and ease of use. Our environment has the benefits of a high density converged infrastructure while retaining the customization and customer-specific tailoring of an in-house server farm.


Brought straight to you from Hunter Morgan, owner of Data Barn, because we believe in minimizing financial overhead and maximize technological headspace. Less marketing gurus, more copper and silicon - and we hope a more transparent relationship with your tech partners.


Maintenance and internal support is subcontracted out as needed, but all requests roll through Hunter’s queue first. We hope to continue growing and introduce some permanent customer-facing individuals in the near future, but for now most direct support is through a single point of contact, a method we will not stray far from.



  • Dell

  • Veeam

  • Starwind

  • Microsoft

  • Atera